About Us



The emblem of the college is in the shape of a shield depicting the short name of the college GEC in the center within a circle garlanded by semicircles representing the support system that help the college to achieve its motto which is printed on the top of the shield.


Our institution’s mission is in keeping with our motto and our function “v/;kiukrwu vR;qd`”Vrk” could be essence as Excellence through teaching. The planning and execution of the programme run by this institute are testimony of the efforts being taken to enable bearing high quality of character must also demonstrate Excellence at the workplace i.e. Temple of learning.



The motto “’khya ija Hkw”k.ke~” is Famous Sanskrit Subhashitam describes the ultimate aim of education as character formation. A well educated and well trained with high quality diversified “characteristics” is ready to enlighten the sphere at is workplace is being through a lighted lamp shown on the top of the emblem.



Our vision is to create value based excellent teacher that would work in adverse condition for the poor downtrodden society and thus provide support to national mission, “education for all through excellent value based training for all.”

History of College

          College is working under the leadership of higher education, Govt. of Maharashtra state. Our college is established in 29/06/1970 affiliated to Mumbai University. At the beginning, the nature of the college was comprehensive i.e. D.Ed., B.Ed. and practicing school were under one roof up to 1995. As the part of Govt. policy the D.Ed. was separated in the name of D.I.E.T. from 1995 and at present, our college is named as Govt. College of Education.

          Now College has got permanent affiliation on 16/06/1979 of Mumbai University as well as our college is under 2F, under U.G.C. from 30/06/1996 N.C.T..E has given the code no which is NCTE/WRCCODE 113148.

          Ministry of H.R.D. Central Govt. has given a status of C.T.E. (College of Teacher Education) to our College with effect from 1997. College provides training under C.T.E.to the teachers of secondary and higher secondary category for Raigad, New Mumbai and Greater Mumbai (North, South, West Mumbai).

          Extention service Dept. works under the guidance of S.C.E.R.T. Pune from1970.for Primary, Secondary and Higher secondary teachers from Raigad District. As per the govt. of Maharashtra College is always busy in Implementation of different educational schemes such as ‘Sarvashiksha Abhiyan’.

          College is already accredited by N.A.A.C. in the year 2005 and got ‘B’ level status. M.Ed. course has started from the academic year 2010-11.Our past students are working in different reputed fields such as Deputy Director of Education, Education Officer, Block Development Officer, Principals and Member of Parliament.